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Amazing! Done in a professional way as always! The music is awesome as well. Fits perfect to the animation! Nice work! I think you will get an award for this! :)

Epic! Now i WANT to know who chose the music for the menu?! Whoever did, he KNOWS what to listen!!!

nice try

Do you know its illegal to steal backgrounds from BIG games like this?!3 stars for the good idea and maybe nice animation but i hope somebody see it and flag it because, dude i love all this games and you stole them.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

oh man i hope the cops dont come to my door and arrest me oh man oh geez oh god

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Great game!

I made a Megas XLR skin!If somebody want it just pm me!

Great work but...

This game is amazing, i love everything about it and its even in my favorits list.I dont like only one thing.The fact that the game is INPOSSIBLE!Fuck, man, you did a great job with the game and everything, but why so many zombies.You cant fix the car while they are attaking you.They are too many and and too much overpowerd.I need two magazines for one zombie, but there is 20-30 of them attaking me at this moment.How is it possible to beat this game?!I dont say the game is bad.As i said the game super awesome and one of my favorits but way too hard.


My fingers are bleading now but fuck it i finish the game with all bandages and i unlock EVERYTHING.I see the hot coffee(the last unlock).I was thinking it will be character but it was better!

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Reminds me so much for Castlevania (my favorite game) Especially for Bloody Tears (my favorite ingame song) You did such a great job on this tune! :D I love it! 5/5


I freaking love it!!!You did a gread job.I will be impresed if u make one real fucking mess!Super messy dubstep, and super dirty.This is dirty too, i am taking shower right now xD. 11/10 6/5 fav it too!


the only guy in newgrounds who make REAL dubstep!ur pro!

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So well done! Can't wait for Christmas! Hope I don't get disappointed...

Awesome! :3

Clatform responds:

thank you my friend. :3

Good Job

You made it almost as good as Marc. Congrats. I watch Marc's tutorials because i like watching him drawing. I study art and i know all this stuff he teaches us, but i still watch him. He is epic and so is your background :)

Dakuto responds:

hey thanks, i am glad you liked it :D

i find the tutorials of Marc very useful and he is very amusing to listen to :P

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